Making A Splash, With The King Of Color

23 Mar

The Artist

Not Your Ordinary Interview With: Carlos Henrique Reinesch-A King Of Color

So by now, you would think that Carlos here, would be internet famous, as he’s always being interviewed, and I swear almost every blog I have seen has done an interview on him. Well, you may not know his face, but I’m sure you know his photography. His photography is internet famous! His images are across the web, inspiring many, and getting reblogged dozens, if not thousands of times.

His images leave impressions, (as they should!) each one having been designed to catch someone’s eye. Well, that color, and his technique has given him 180,000 views on his deviantart account, while each photo gets anywhere from 2000, to 31,000+ views, with well over 6,000 watchers! Not to mention the various comments and hundreds of faves, that comes from his fans, as well as those who have stopped to take a look…to see what all the fuss is about.

When I first asked Carlos if he was willing to do an interview, I honestly didn’t think he was going to say “yes.” Being interviewed all the time, seems like it would….well, get old after awhile. But no, eager to answer any and all the questions I had (at the time) he promised that he’d get an email to me the minute he was finished. And that he did! I had that interview out and published on deviantart faster than I thought I was going too, and I can tell you, many people were appreciative of his kind words, and his thoughts behind his own works. But I shall let him do the talking now. Come and get to know the artist behind all these brilliant colored photos.

Make Your Own Way

What makes you the  artist that you are today?

That is a tricky question. What makes me the artist that I am is basically what makes me the person that I am. Everything that I have lived so far. My art is a reflection of what I am, and is connected to me. I have just found a way to express myself, and this way is my art, my photography.

What made you come up with such an unique style of photography? Each one of your photos seems to tell a story, through well captured and portrayed color….is there a reason for the intensity of the colors?

I like to make my images stand out, to cause instant impact on the viewers and make them think….even if for just a moment.

I want the people not be the same as they were before they saw my images, I want to leave a mark on them. To achieve that, I need to be clear, direct, and most of the time: shocking. I need to have an aggressive approach on the making of my images and I do believe that strong, vivid colors are a powerful tool to work with, in order to cause that impact.

But it does not need to always be colorful. A black and white photograph can be very visually appealing and striking too-if you know how to use the monochrome to work in your favor. You just need to know to pick the color palette that fits best for what you want and if you are able to choose the colors wisely, you will probably be able to be more effective to transmit your message using this ally to work along with you.

Breaking News

When did you find an interest in photography? What was your first experience like? and what truly got you hooked?

I think photography is practice, and we (photographers) are always practicing. We are always training our sight and the way we see things, and I mean always.

The practicing occurs on an everyday basis, even without the camera. You can’t detach your eyes from your face, right? They are always with you, and once you start taking photos and start to call yourself a photographer, you have just changed your eyes’ mode to “photographer”. After that, if you truly are a photographer, there is no turning back.

So I can say that I found interest in photography after having lived my life and naturally after having my eyes trained after my first contact with a digital camera. I think that happened about 4 years ago. But I wouldn’t say that I had my eyes’ set to the “photographer” mode until then. I just started the process there.

It really began like 2 years ago, when I decided and felt the need to buy a better camera to be able to learn everything I could about photography and about using the tools in my favor. I started to have this need of capturing images and expressing myself through the camera, and I realized that the camera was just an expendable tool and the manner I had to get to the final result, the images. I can’t tell you what was my first experience, because it was (and it still is) a continuous process. What I do can tell you is that I get hooked by a passion.

Mr. Rainbow

Why did you develop an interest for DeviantArt? And do you display your artwork elsewhere?

I had a friend that I met on the internet that had a profile on deviantART, and I used to browse on his page a lot. But my interest in photography at the time wasn’t enough for me to make a profile and start to make my own images, but that happened very soon after.

I made my profile, started to receive feedback and criticism and it was very nice. I found on dA a way to improve, and this motivated me a lot, like a fuel to my photography.

Today I display my artwork on deviantART and on my Facebook Page. But those places are where I, Carlos, display my art, because I have found many, many other places displaying my artwork on the internet lately, you just have to Google it. It makes me happy, as long as I am credited. I like to be a source of inspiration to people.

What (or who) inspires you? Anyone on DeviantArt that simply blows you away?

DeviantART is a great source of inspiration and I can say that I have met a lot of people whose works blow me away. It is difficult to pick just a few:

:iconmeppol: :iconfoureyes: :iconineedchemicalx: :iconduchesse-2-guermante: :iconsugarock99: :iconlight-from-emirates:

A Handful of Doubts

Has anyone stolen your work? And what have you done to prevent that?

Yes. As I said, a simple Google search on “oo-rein-oo”, (which is my deviantart name), finds lots of stuff. Everyday that I make this search I find new pages displaying my artwork.

I don’t feel bad about it, in fact I like it and makes me feel proud. If someone has liked my work and want to blog it or whatever, there is no problem at all, as long as I am credited and as long as it has a link to my page. I would ask to have the link of the page in which my art is displayed and that is all.

The problem is when people don’t credit me. This way I wouldn’t even be able to find on Google the page and I would never know that my work is being used. It has already happened, people using my images without crediting me. It IS happening; once you have your images on the internet you lose control over them. People that know my work sometimes stumble upon images of mine on the internet without credits and come here on dA to let me know. I appreciate that, and when it happens, I go to the page and ask to give me credits or to remove the images.

I also have chosen not to ruin my photographs with watermarks in the middle of them. This way they would be irremovable, but I don’t like when I see an image with a huge watermark. That is why I have chosen to put my watermark on the corners of my images, and sometimes I stumble upon my photos without the watermark, cropped and ruined. The least I can do is to display my images just in low resolutions.

Simplify Your Life

Is art a career for you, or merely a hobby?

For me, art is a hobby. But not merely a hobby. It is a hobby that gives support to my life and to everything else, even acting like a scapegoat most of the time.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What would you have liked to accomplished by then?

Oh wow, this is the most difficult question of this interview. I have NO idea. I can tell by looking through the changes in my photographic style that happened over the past year, and it is just ONE year. I can’t imagine what will possibly happen in ten years. I hope for the best.

What equipment do you use? And what would you recommend other artists use?

This thing I keep saying to everybody: the equipment is just a tool. It is nothing, it is just the means to achieve the final result and that is all. I recommend other artists to use whichever equipment they want, and to master the equipment you chose. It is fundamental to know your tools and what you are capable of doing with them to succeed in making good images. You can’t be a slave of the height of your equipment; you need to rule it with your brain.

The Mad Umbreller

If you could travel anywhere in the world just to get a few photographs, where would that place be and why?

To travel the world just to make images is maybe the dream of every photographer. I don’t think that I need to travel very far to make good images, I can do it on my backyard as everyone can. But traveling is good and I would definitely go to the East. Japan, China… The oriental cultures fascinate me.

If you could pick just one piece out of your gallery that you were the proudest of, which deviation would that be and why?

That is a tricky question too. I would say that every week I have a favorite image. I am my own worst critic, and it is difficult for me to pick favorite images of my own, as I always think that I could have done something differently and that I could do it better. This can be good, as my willingness to improve is endless; on the other hand, it is bad as I am always criticizing myself. I have, though, a few images that made it to be my favorites, and here they are: Reach Out For My Soul,” “Touch The Sky,” “Mesmerize Me,” and Mr. Rainbow.” (pictured above)

Silhouette Of Love

What would be your advice to other artists? Is there anything you’d like to tell your fans about your work?

Well, it is a funny thing that I actually have fans. I was never expecting that, I was never expecting my work to have such exposition, and this makes me feel proud and makes me want to continue to display my art. It is very motivational. I like to make the difference, and I think I am succeeding on that, even if it is for a few people. That is enough. Advises? Be focused on your goals and do your best, your art will then flow naturally if you are an artist. It was a pleasure to make this interview, and I hope this can add something to you. Thanks for reading it!


And thank you, for giving us such honest answers, and giving a bit of yourself to those who love your work so much!!! As an artist, his talent is nothing short of extraordinary, and it would do you some good, if you went to his deviantart page and took a look around. You might be surprised at what you can find. 🙂


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Dream Maker

**All Images Pictured In This Interview Belong To/Were Made By, Carlos. Please respect the artist. Thank you.**

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